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For Such A Time As This

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April 14, 2022

Subrina Banks Launches Bid for OK's CD5


Strength. Our culture and freedoms are under attack. The left’s Marxist agenda is tearing away at the very fabric of society. Our children and all other future generations need strong leaders that are willing to stand against tyranny; I believe everything starts in the home. The radical agenda being pushed aims to destroy the nuclear family. They push separation and division at every turn. We must interposition ourselves before America is lost.

Discernment. In order to fix a problem, or solve a crisis, you must identify it first. It’s time we start calling things what they are. It is our duty(that which a person owes another or is bound by either natural, moral or legal obligation) to not only call out injustice and moral decline but to fight it!

Conviction. As your next Oklahoma Congresswoman I’ll fight for Health and Parental Rights, to secure the border, protect small businesses, defend religious freedoms and the unborn, to keep CRT out of our schools, for fair and legal elections and to stop the woke agenda being perpetrated on our children. It’s time for change! There are men and women meant for such a time as this. Send Subrina Banks to Congress.

Me, Myself & Liberty w/ Subrina Banks